Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So, we finally have a move-in date for our new house! Tuesday, March 7. We have movers all set to go, all utulities scheduled to be installed, etc. It will be a busy time, but we are so happy to be moving into our first new home. It is in a great neighborhood, right around the corner from a little community park, and down the street from an elementary school. And best of all, it is in Wilsonville, where my parents and grandma live- we'll be only 5 minutes away from both of them!

Our fingers are crossed that Baby Purvis will wait until we are settled into the new home for at least a couple of days before making it's arrival... but we are prepared regardless of where we are living at the time. Plus we have such a great support system up here. My mom-Ammi comes in today, she will be staying with us for the month to help with the birth, etc. Dad and mom-Sue are all set help us with the move and to cook up some great dinners that will be so handy in the first few days of being a new family. Gramaw Ann is already working on cooking up some of her famous spaghetti for us to have on hand, too. And, with Rons parents being only 3 hours away, they are coming down to help with the move as well. It is great being close to everyone! It makes what could be a stressfull time just feel... exciting. We have to remind ourselves that life is busy... but with all GOOD things. We know that if we need anything, whether it's help with unpacking...or to be left alone... we can just ask.

We have got just about everything we need in order for the baby's arrival. We picked up the birth tub from our midwife last night, and are all set with everything we need on hand for the homebirth. They will be doing another home visit to our new house next week, just to make sure they know the way, etc. My friends from Sacto threw me a surprise baby shower before we moved up here back in November. It was such fun! We got all kinds of great baby items, including 4 months of diaper service... what a huge help that will be! Our first shipment of cloth diapers arrives on Monday. We have some really cute diaper covers that Breana made for us, and a few others that we've picked up here and there.

Here's a link to some belly pics, from early pregnancy through the belly cast picture we took last night. The belly cast feels a bit revealing to post here, but it's a pretty cool picture so I've left it in the photo album for those of you that don't care!


Kathie Sever said...

i'm so excited you started a blog! i've been thinking about you guys alot lately as the big day approaches... i'll be checking in often to see what's up!
congratulations on all that is happening right now- what an exciting time!!

Jenny said...

Ellie ~ you look amazing! Seeing your belly reminds me of my belly (gosh almost 10 months ago). I love this "blog" ... I feel like we are yapping together in person, reading all about you, the pregnancy, the house... WOW. I am so excited for you two. I can't wait to read the next entry. xoxoxo Jenny