Friday, June 29, 2007

Riverdance, here he comes!

Move over Fred Astaire! Max has learned a new dance move. I was cooking breakfast on Father's Day and it was just one of those times when I needed a moment without a wee one hanging on my leg. So I popped in the Sesame Street 25th Anniversary video and let Max watch it. It's a fun video with all the classic songs I remember from my childhood. "Doin' the Pidgeon" and "It's Not Easy Being Green" to name a few. Apparently Elmo is now a Sesame Street classic, he's got a song on the video called "Happy Dancing". It's a snappy little tune about happy feet and tapping toes. Elmo tap dances down a flight of stairs on the video.

SO, Max was watching the video and saw the close up of Elmos feet and looked down at his own and started to tap dance. It was so cute! After I stopped giggling, I grabbed the video camera and rewound the DVD. Sure enough, Max didn't let me down and continued to happy dance away with Elmo. Video is below!

If you remember the old video of him bopping along to the music you can tell his moves have come a long way!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Recent Fun!

How cute is he?!? This is what Max looks like just before he reaches down to pull the plug out (for the 5th time in 2 minutes!). Sneaky, no?
Max listens intently while his dad shows him the new tools he recently bought and explains the variety of planes and their different uses.

It was HOT here a few weeks ago! Grandpa and I took Max to a local fountain park and it wasn't too long before he made his way through the fountains.

We had a much needed vacation to the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful! Each morning oneof us would get up with Max(6:30 if we were lucky) and take him for a walk on the beach while the other slept in. Then later we'd all hit the sand.Max had a great time. The last day we were there it was gorgous sunny weather and he got to take off his shoes and tiptoe in the water.

We had champagne and balloons waiting for us at the hotel to celebrate or 6 year anniversary. Max went crazy for the balloons (And we went crazy for the bubbly!)

Note the appropriate Oregon Coast outfit... no shorts and tank tops for Max!

We hiked around at a local fort, too.