Saturday, March 25, 2006

Max's First Week- Part 2

Yesterday Max had his first bath, he loved it! It was really cool to see him just floating around, only being supported by my hand under his head.

In the afternoon his great-Aunt Vickie and Great Grandma Kendrick came down from Seattle for a visit.

Then this morning his Great Gramaw came over to hang out. It is so nice having her right up the street!

You can see what a busy week it's been! Also, he had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Brooks, and has enjoyed getting to know Grandma Ammi, who has been a great help around here. More photos coming as soon as we can find the cord to connect our camera to the computer- these are all courtesey of Grandma Ammi. It's wonderful that we were in our new home in time for the birth... but there is still lots of unpacking to do!


kyouell said...

Those are great photos! It's surprising to me because you look like the pale one in the bath photo. I look like a totally tan California girl compared with pale, red-headed Evan.

Oh, and you said you were looking for a rocker. They can still be found (we had one donated to us by family), but I really recommend a glider. Much less effort is required to make the glider move. My mom bought a glider for us for $80 -- found on craigslist! Just a thought. SMILE!

Kathie Sever said...

i'll second the glider thing. they rule. arlo was almost born in ours. it's the most comforting thing ever.
anyway- loving the pics!! can't wait till you find your cord so we can get more!
smoochies to max, ron and all the grand and great grandparents!!

Breana said...

He is sooo beautiful...and you look RADIANT! Enjoy your babymoon!! Our love, Breana & Rich

Nadine said...

Congratulations!! I just read on MDC that there's a new baby in town and it was yours! Max is so gorgeous and the birth sounded just the best. I'm so happy for ya.