Saturday, March 25, 2006

One Week Old! Part 1

It's been an amazing week! We are absolutely in love with Max, and everyday find something new to laugh about. He has some of the funniest facial expressions! I will post a full birth story when I get a chance, but for now here is a summary of Max's first week. Born Friday, March 17 (St.Patricks Day!) after a perfect pregnancy and birth.

His grandparents and great grandma came right over to meet him.

When Max was born he had his hand right up at his cheek- and was moving it even before his shoulders were out! Possibly a future interpreter? He also started to come out a bit sideways, and has a bruise on his noggin that will go away within a few weeks. I have had a challenging week with breastfeeding (more on that later) and we thought he might be holding extra tension in his jaw due to the way he came out, which could effect his latch. We had Cranial Sacral Therapist Amy Watson make a house call, and Max got his first treatment... to release some of the tension from how he came out. He really relaxed and it did help.

Max loves to have his hands near his face. He's likes to try and suck his two middle fingers, just like his Uncle Larry did when he was little!

On Thursday we went on our first outing... to Target to look for swaddling cloths and a rocker. Max did great in the car and in the sling while we walked around the store.

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I enjoyed reading Max's birth story. Congratulations to you and Ron on your perfect baby boy. He is so cute!