Friday, June 30, 2006

Outdoor Dads Hike

Last weekend we went on a hike with Outdoor Dads it was a beautiful day, and we had a great time meeting some other parents. Our friend Sara happened to bein town for the day so she joined us, and we met up with Breana, Rich, Kylin, and Kaden. You can see more pictures on their blog.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tummy Time Pays Off

Today Max rolled over for the first time! From his tummy to his back. He's only just started lifting his head up high when on his belly, so I wasn't expecting the roll anytime soon. So we were having some tummy time, and he did it! The first time I thought it was a fluke, so I put him back on his stomach and he did it a second time. Then I called Ron and he did it a third time. Finally, I realized, "D'oh! These are the things we bought the cam corder for!" So we got it on tape. Click here to see a video of Max rolling over, followed by his latest thing- blowing raspberries through his lips. He does it when he's upset or tired... sure beats the screaming he was doing last week! And it's pretty cute so we kept the camera rolling.

Yesterday it was so beautiful out that we set up a blanket out front and I planted some flowers in the yard while Max hung out.

Then my mom and dad dropped by for a visit.

Max was pretty pooped when we got back from our outings today!

So was I.

Here's the link again to see the video of Max!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Our little card shark

Last week we played Gripe (aka Hand and Foot) over at my parents, and Max helped me cheat- I mean play!

Then last night Breana, Rich, Kylin and Kaden came over and we taught them how to play. We had a great time! Here are some fun pictures of us and our babes.

And this is from last week, father and son watching the Mariners game.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Recent Happenings

The last couple weeks have been busy! Just when I think things are settling down, they pick right back up again.

I hesitate to post about this because it seems TMI, but since I have had several people tell me that they appreciate the honesty in my posts about the birth, breastfeeding challenges, etc. I have decided to be candid about this as well. Last week we decided to start jogging. I bought a jogging stroller and set out with Max around the neighborhood. I really only jogged for about 2 minutes and just walked the rest. When I got home I took a shower and while washing I noticed that something wasn't quite right. OK, to be honest, something was bulging out of me where it shouldn't have been. I was pretty panicked and came down to tell Ron, and he did some investigating online. It turns out I have uterine prolapse. This means that my pelvic wall is weak, and my uterus and bladder have fallen down from their regular places and are pushing against the vaginal wall, causing a bulge at the vaginal opening. It is fairly common and often happens during pregnancy and childbirth. Many women don't know it has happened, cause it doesn't hurt, you only notice it if you feel it. It is made worse by things like jumping up and down, or in my case... jogging. I went into the doctor, she gave me some herbs and refered me to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. So, I start PT for my pelvis next week! Actually, it will only be a few visits, they will do things like teach me ways of strengthening the pelvic floor to get the muscles to tighten again. Mine so far is pretty minor. If it was worse, there is an outpatient surgery they can to to "tape" the organs back where they belong, allowing the muscles to strengthen faster. I think this is something that I will always have to be aware of- no jogging for me! But it apparently isn't as bad as it sounds. It won't impact future pregnancies or births. Apparently some people completely ignore it and it can get better. I'm looking forward to meeting with the PT and learning more about it.

It's all fine now, and know that I know it's not a catastrophic thing, I feel ok. But I have to admit that when it happened, I was pretty bummed out. I have JUST started feeling like I have my body back! The hematoma is virtually gone, we just got over the last bout of thrush, and breastfeeding is going great. I was all excited to excercise, specifically to jog because it would give me a good cardio workout, and it is something that I could do with both Ron and Max. I was feeling ready to workout and try to shed some more pounds, and hopefully feel better about my body and wham, here's a setback- a crazy wierd thing that made me feel like my body isn't my own. I told Ron that I was just starting to feel like being a woman again, not only a mom, then wham... crazy stuff happens. I feel better now after realizing that my organs aren't falling out of me, it just means going back to the drawing board!

On a more positive note, recently Max and I went over to Breanas house and hung out with her, Kaden, and Kylin. Below are some fun pictures.

We spent all this weekend painting our living room, we are finally making this house our home, and getting to add a bit of our style to it. Then last night we went over to my parents house for a BBQ, we had a great time. Tomorrow night we are going to a vaccination seminar, Thursday night Breana, Rich, Kylin and Kaden are coming over to play a game or two, Friday night Ron and I are venturing out for a quick Happy Hour down the street while my parents babysit Max- it will be our first time away from him! I'm sure he'll be fine, and grandma and grandpa will love it, but wish us luck! Then this weekend Rons parents are coming in for Fathers' Day weekend. So it will be a very busy week for us!

This just in! Gramaw came to play today!

Monday, June 05, 2006

How's he doing?

Click here to see a video of Max smiling while I sing to him! (I fixed the link!)

So, the pictures are great and all, but how's Max doing???

He's great! He was 11 weeks on Friday, and on Thursday he had a doctors appointment. It was just a regular appointment, and everything is fine. He weighs in at 15 lbs, 2oz. and is 26 inches long! That's in the 90 and 95th percentile for his age. He's a big boy!!! People often think he's months older than he really is.

The question that we get asked most is: "Is he sleeping through the night?" My answer is much as I would expect him to! The definition of sleeping through the night for an infant is 5 hours. The definition that I prefer is sleeping through the night only waking to nurse. That's us. He goes to bed around 8:00, and is up for the day around 6:30. He nurses about 3 times a night, and barely wakes to nurse. Actually, it's getting so that we BOTH barely wake to nurse! The sidelying nursing has got better, so most of the time I am able to just roll over and feed him. Thank goodness for co-sleeping, I can't imagine having to get out of bed to feed him! Plus, he doesn't cry to tell me when he's hungry, we both just happen to stir at the same time. It's very cool. From 3 am or so he doesn't sleep as soundly and is bothered by gas, so Ron or I will snuggle up with him more and he then usually falls right back to sleep. The gas used to really keep him up and make him very uncomfortable, but thanks to eliminating just about everything from my diet, it is MUCH better.

The question that we get second most is: "Is he a good baby?" ??????????? What, is there such a thing as a bad baby? If he was crabby, would I say, "No, actually he's bad." ? At any rate, I am always a bit miffed by this question even though I do find myself telling Max, "You're such a good baby!" :-) But the truth is, he's really easy going most of the time. Today we had the first rough night of intermittent crying and screaming, inconsolable by rocking, nursing, burping, binkie, massage... everything! Except a bath, we didn't try that. He did finally go to sleep at 8:00 and hopefully will be fine overnight. We think he might have a tummy ache, he hasn't had his usual 2 poops today. But aside from tonight, he's a pretty happy baby! He seems to be very social, he really likes being out and about where there are people and things for him to see. He loves being outside, and he likes to lie on a blanket under the tree and look up at the leaves.

Breastfeeding has been better. We had another bout with thrush last week, but have done the full regiment of Gentian Violet, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Probiotics, and All Purpose Nipple Ointment and it's pretty much gone. To help with Max's gas, I have cut out all wheat, dairy, soda, beans, and broccoli. To help with the pain from nipple vasospasm, I cut out caffeine. To help with his rash, I cut out tomatoes. It sucks! Oh, and now to prevent the thrush from coming back I am supposed to be cutting out sugar. Ugh. Luckily apparently 4 months is supposed to be a magical moment when their stomachs become stronger and I should be able to add a lot of things back into my diet.

I have been working one or 2 nights a week, Ron and Max hang out together on those nights. It's working out really well. They get some guy time, and I have found that while I do miss them, I am happy to be around other adults and have some non-baby time once in awhile. During the day Max and I go out a lot, to various play groups or meetings, or just to run errands. Today we went to an API-Portland meeting, which was great! There were probably 15 moms and their kids, and the topic was how to avoid "mommy burn-out". It was really good to hear what many of them do, and I got to meet other like-minded mamas in the area. Max slept in the sling through most of the meeting, but when he was awake he liked watching the kids run around and play.

Great-Gramaw still comes over to hang out with us, or to join us on our errands and be on "Binkie Patrol" in the car. Grandpa comes over to help out, too. It's great having the family so close.

All in all, we are really enjoying being parents. He's always entertaining, and every day it seems like he is doing something new!

Click here to see a video of Max smiling while I sing to him!