Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Books, Books, Books

If he was talking, he'd say "Read to me, mommy and daddy, please!!!" But since he can't speak (or sign) yet, here's what that looks like:

Max LOVES books. It's borderline obsessive! I remember telling my cousin Kathie when Max was about 6 months old that he chewed up all his books- it looked like we had mice. She told me that it's still good, still a way that he's showing an interest in books early on. I guess it's true cause now he just can't get enough. After he hands you a book, he turns around and backs up and plops down into your lap. If you're not able to read to him, he squats down and reads to himself. Yesterday Ron said to me, "I'll give him the bath tonight and you do the bedtime story...I don't think I can take reading him those books again!" So off to the library we went and got a bazillion books- and some CD's too, cause he loves music almost as much as books. And his top 10 favorite CD's are gettin' OLD! I love the library, but I have a HUGE problem with returning things...ever. Inevitably I owe at least $15 each trip from overdue or lost fines. In fact Ron questions whether I should even use the library anymore. But unless we are going to read the same 15 books to Max over and over and over again... we need the library. The receipt is on the fridge, and due dates set up on my calendar. We'll see how it goes! Here he is sitting in the bin we got for library books...

We got him this cute kids chair, but weren't sure he'd use it. Sure enough as soon as we brought it home he climbed into it with a book!
And finally, just some cute "on the go" pictures we took this morning. I can't believe he fits into his Ramonster coveralls! When we got them they seemed soooooo big. sigh. What a big boy we have!

Thursday, April 05, 2007