Monday, March 13, 2006

Got a house, but no baby yet!

Just a quick note- we are in our home! It is perfect. So open and bright, and the neighborhood is full of kids. Thanks to the help of all our parents, we are just about fully unpacked. We are settling in, and ready and waiting for baby to make it's arrival.

We are getting so excited to meet this baby! I keep thinking it will happen this week, and while I do feel baby settling in down there a bit more, I haven't had any other signs of impending birth. We'll just keep hanging out waiting... there is plenty to do around here to keep us busy! I am now officially HUGE... but still loving it. I will have some photos taken today and try to post them soon. Aside from really sore feet all day, I'm feeling fine. Jenny and Claude got me a massage gift certificate... I have an appointment for tomorrow, wow, what perfect timing! They are the BEST. I miss them.

Unfortunately we won't have DSL set up for possibly another week or so. This means that Ron can't work from home and has to drive up to the Vancouver house for work each day... no fun when you have 5:00 am meetings! It also means that I have been neglect in posting here, and in returning emails. We did get dial up access yesterday, it's super slow... but better than nothing! Rest assured we will find a way to notify everyone as soon as baby is born.


Kathie Sever said...

ell- i am thinking of you CONSTANTLY!!! i keep meaning to call but am having crazy times here as always... please know that i am sending all my love and support and mama goodness your way all the time.
i love you! i CAN'T WAIT to see that baby!

Kathie Sever said...

you're torturing me!!!
there is a baby! i know there is!! your dad called me!! now PUT UP A PICTURE, willya!!!!!!!!???????!!!!??!?!?!