Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

9 months old!

Max had his 9 month check up this week- he's 22 lbs. 30.6 inches... he is soooo close to walking unassisted. We put storage bins up to block the fireplace andhe walks from each one to the next, to the couch, to the ottoman, all while just touching a bit for security. I still think he'll have his first step by Christmas! He's got 7 teeth, and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. He's had a really bad cold the past week or so, but we seem to be on the tail end of it. He babbles more and more, like he's having a conversation in another language. Very cute! His favorite "word" is "doot!".

Here are some pics from the past few weeks.

Eating Gorrilla cereal (like Kix) this morning. He is so cute feeding himself- he pinches the piece of cereal and nibbles on it between his front teeth. He eats that tiny piece in 3 bites!

We had some serious baking to do for the neighbors. He spent a couple days on my back while we made cookies and homemade Irish Cream. Yum! Don't let the PJ's decieve you, this was about 3:00 in the afternoon. .. We went to a nearby christmas tree farm with grandma and grandpa Brooks to get our tree this year. It was a very cold morning! It was fun to pick our tree and watch them bang the loose needles and wrap it up with their string machine.
Trying to get some cute pictures for a holiday card...

I know it's blurry, but it's just so cute! He gets really excited sometimes and the energy just rushes out of him...
We went to an MDC cake party last week and met TONS of local mamas that I have only known online. Max loved crawling all around and stealing other kids' toys. Here he and Kaden were battling it out for the block...