Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sunny Days

The weather here is just beautiful! It definately makes for nice outside time.

And Happy Birthday Grandpa! Cinco de Mayo was my dads birthday, he came over and visited with Max for a bit.

And in honor of the San Jose Sharks doing so well in the playoffs, here's a picture I took of Max watching a hockey game a few weeks ago. Now, I don't normally prop him up in front of the TV like this (although he is fascinated by it!) but his Uncle Larry is in a band with one of the Sharks (Mark Smith) so the family has been on a sort of hockey kick... even my Gramaw is watching hockey! The band (Talking Trees) is fairly new, and has even been mentioned on ESPN during the game. All very exciting for them. Anyhow, Uncle Larry was coming for a visit so I clicked this pic of Max watching the Sharks game.

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