Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

What an honor it is to be joining all the fabulous moms out there and celebrating my first Mothers' Day! I didn't realize how excited I would be for today. I think it's because the last 8 weeks have been all about being a mom- so much responsability, overwhelming love, pride, and joy. Cheers to all you moms out there!

Yesterday we drove up to Seattle for lunch with Grandma and Gradpa Blaker (Rons parents).
This morning I got breakfast in bed- pancakes with strawberries and eggs. Ron brought me some Claritea in a cool photo mug with a collage of Max photos on it. Something for me to bring with me on the evenings I am working. It's perfect! Then the 3 of us lazed in bed making each other laugh. Max is so smily in the mornings! It is fun to make him smile his big ol' grin. His facial expressions crack us up. He's better than TV.

Grandma and Grandpa Brooks came over for a quick visit, and Max and I brough over some flowers and photos to Great Grandma Brooks ("Just call me Great" she says!)

Then Ron, Max and I went for a drive throught the countryside, through orchards and farms and ended up at a park where we had a short walk and a little mini-picnic.

Then back to the house to laze around for the rest of the afternoon. What a perfect day!

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Kathie Sever said...

happy first mothers day, mama!
here's to many happy future elbow pasta neclaces, plaster of paris hand prints, pine cone ornaments, etc, etc....