Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend... but it didn't feel long enough!

Saturday we just hung out and got some things done around the house. We are lucky enough to have lots of wall space, so we hung several of my grandpas paintings.

Max is trying to suck his thumb... but he hasn't wuite managed to separate it from the rest of his hand! He gets his entire hand in his mouth... it's crazy!

Sunday we had some friends over for games. We had a great time! Nadine and Mahlon came over with their two kids, Naia (3 years old) and Josephine (1 month old), Bauer came over with Adam (10 years old... I think) and Chaos and Dave came down from Seattle with Fiona (6 months old) and their dog Jezabel to stay the night. It was a fun group! Games go a lot slower with all the breaks to change diapers, help toddlers, etc!

Monday morning Fiona and Max hung out on the floor for awhile, Fiona just might grow up to be a massage therapist from the way she was patting down Max!

It was really fun to see what lies ahead for Max in only a few months, Fiona is sitting up, smiling ALL the time, rolling over, etc. But then again, she clearly is an overachiever, so maybe Max won't be doing any of those things! Well, he already smiles quite a bit, so we're working on that one!

And here's a picture of Ron and Max out in the backyard. Have I mentioned that Ron is already obsessed with lawn care? Gotta keep up with the Joneses, I guess! So Ron was checking out the seeds that he put down last week, and shoing Max the importance of fertilization

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