Monday, November 03, 2008


NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. If you take the challenge you are supposed to blog every day for a month. I'm going to try. Some days it might just be a link to something I like on the web, or a few catch up photos. If I don't post here, check out my other blog over at and see if I posted something there. Is that allowed? I'll just say it is.

So it's been a long time since I've posted about Max! I'll throw in a few summer pictures just to get caught up. It seems the last few months have been full of so much change! Max is a little chatterbox. He says the funniest things! Yesterday he wanted Ron to stop going upstairs and he says, "Stop, daddy! Stop! I COMMAND you! Stop!" then later he was helping Ron with a project and taking things to the garbage for him and Max stops and says, "Isn't this wonderful?" *sigh*.

He's very affectionate and full of hugs and cuddles. He LOVES to dance, and has some mad dance moves that might even rival his cousin Arlo. I think a dance-off might be in order next time they are together. He's been playing more creatively lately, pretending to be a chef and cook us various items from the kitchen. He also loves to pretend to be a firefighter, a puppy, a baby, or a robot. He really wanted to be a "really really really scary furry blue monster with horns" for halloween, but after I made his costume he didn't want to wear it. So, he wore his chicken costume from last year.

He likes to play on the computer, and surprised us with how well he can use the mouse. There are some great websites with preschool type games that he can totally play all on his own.,, and are a few of our favorites.

And (drumroll please) he decided to potty train. Really, there was no training about it, he did it all on his own. Literally one day I was saying to a friend that he was nowhere near being ready to potty train since he had absolutely no interest, then a few days later Max was completely out of diapers. Like, even on outings and nap times. Wow. A few days of naked time, a few potties around the house, and he just started telling us that he had to pee. I think it might also have been because he spends 2 days a week with his friend Josie who has been out of diapers for a long time and he's seen her use the potty a lot more lately. Sooo, without working on it at all we have a fully potty "learned" little boy. Wow, that was easy! We're lucky.

Here are a few pictures from summer:

Digging a hole for the placenta tree. Yep, you read correctly.

Oregon State Fair- Max's first rides! He and his friend Indigo had a great time riding every single one.

Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington. A beautiful zoo!!!

Riding the lawn mower with dad at grandma and grandpas house.

Jamming at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

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UrbanHippieMama said...

great to see pictures of max!! isn't this age awesome?? they are so freaking hilarious...