Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kids and food

I'll admit it. These days, Max's diet consists of about 5 granola bars a day, peanut butter sandwiches, fish sticks or chicken strips, and fruit. ANY and all fruit. OK, throw in a Burgerville cheeseburger and sweet potato fries on occation and he's good to go. While he's started showing an interest in a wider variety of foods lately, it's usually just to sample. We do what we can to make even these selections healthier (have you tried Mrs. May's Trio Bars? We got them at Costco and it's a nice alternative to regular granola bars...) I still feel guilty about what he eats- not to mention the frequency! He is often too busy to eat. We can offer him food all day, and he'll show little interest. Then get in the car and he's starving. I always have a pretty big snack in my bag because I know that when he's strapped in the car seat with nothing else to do, he realizes he's hungry.

The point to all this (other than to get it off my chest) is to point you to a great article written by one of my favorite Bloggers, Savannah Mayfield. She wrote the other day about Mindfully Mothering about learning to trust our kids' bodies. It's a good reminder not to put too much emphasis on food- harping on it all the time can lead to food issues that none of us want for our kids. Go check it out.

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The Metcalf Five said...

I agree. It is all about picking your battles as a parent. And this tendency we have to "make" our children eat everything we dish out is part of the reason why we have so many obese kids out there.