Saturday, December 08, 2007

Photo Catch-up

Chicken Max Hangin' out with my buddy Kaden

And tackling his brother Kiran

First Driving Lessons!


kyouell said...

Cool photos! Loving the chicken. I think I need to put The Biscuit back in his cow costume and take some photos because I really blew it not getting the camera out for Halloween.

Lee said...

Love the driving lessons. I first learned how to drive on a golf cart. I swear it made me a better driver! :)

mckay said...

Hey there mama!! I'm so glad you found our website. I SO miss you. Yes, Dutch babies are indeed the BEST "puffy pancakes" ever! How goes the biz? Still sewing like crazy?

I still check your blog for updates... you must be busy!


kailani said...

You have adorable children!

BTW,you are the winner of the Little Einsteins DVD giveaway at An Island Review. Please email me your mailing address and I'll send it out asap.

Mahalo! Kailani

anislandlife at yahoo dot com