Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday little man!

Happy Birthday, Maximus!

You turned 2 on Monday! Time flies so quickly. You are so much fun. Everyday you do or say something that brightens up our day. You love to be silly, read, dance, jump, climb, play "Hide Seek", be chased, and anything having to do with vehicles- especially airplanes and firetrucks! You also love babies and Care Bears. Oh and chocolate milk. You wake up from your naps and say, "Deedee doooo-ing?" and we have to go see what Daddy is doing. You LOVE your family and friends and often ask for "Mama Sue", "Pa Bob", "Mama Cidi", "Pa Sam", and "Mimi". Uncle Larry and his girlfriend Yvette came up to share birthdays and it didn't take long before you were greeting them just as enthusiastically. If we tell you we are going to the park, you say "Friends!" because you know we'll probably be meeting up with some of your friends. You call all kids your age "friend" even if you have never met them before which is very cute! It's like anyone your size is a potential playmate. Oh, and you are so BIG! You've grown about 6 inches in the last 9 months. You are now 37 inches tall and weigh just over 35 pounds. You are very sensitive and don't like to see other people sad- if another child is crying you run up to us with a distressed look on your face and bury your face in my chest saying, "sad!" "No sad!". It has been incredible watching you grow up and become a little person. Every week we wish we could freeze time and keep you at the age you are now- you are so entertaining and full of love and cuddles and kisses.
Welcome to the "TERRIFIC Two's"!

Mommy and Daddy


UrbanHippieMama said...

Happy Birthday, Max!!!

It has been so wonderful watching you grow the last two's to many more memories. :)

We love and miss you!!!

Kathie Sever said...

happy birthday max!! i can't believe you're two! it seems like you've been in the family for a lot longer than that, but it also seems like a blink ago that you're mama was excitedly expecting your arrival.
we love you!
unka matt aunt kath bath cuzzez ramona and arlo

Lee said...

Happy Birthday! That train cake looks amazing. Here's to many more happy and growing years :)

lamamanaturale said...

Way cute b-day cake! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway!