Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome Fall!

Happiest baby in the world! Can I still call him a baby??? He's soooo big! I did a trade with a couple of Etsy moms last month. These shirts he's wearing in all these pictures are from N is for Nate and Sycamore Baby. We love them!!!

Grandma Ammi came for a visit. He put his boots on all by himself.

We went on a few trips to the pumpkin patch. Good times! Max LOVED the hayride. He kept signing "more" and saying, "coooool." He's hangin' with his homeys, Madden, Jake, and Ruby.

Another day, another P-patch. there are a million funny caption possabilities for this picture! Post one in the comments. :-) P-patch with a boat. Max wasn't too sure about the boat part.
Next time... First haircut!


Korin said...

Ooh that pix is begging for a comment!

Marek: ooooh Ruby, let me show you my muscles! I am a biiiig strong man!

Max: I like my belly button.

Ruby: Boys are weird.

lamamanaturale said...

Hi there,
I love all the pics and your blog! What a CUTE boy!!! I'm a nursing mom too! I've related to some of your posts. I love that you haven't cut his hair yet...we are so waiting -we love the long hair. My mom snipped his band unannounce and we about had a conniption! :)