Monday, January 22, 2007

What's up?

It snowed here last week! We got a few inches, and it stuck around for a couple of days. The neighborhood kids were out making snow people, so Max and I ventured out to see what was going on. He was more interested in the neighbors dog than the snow! Ron caught this picture from up in his office. It's hard to tell, but Max was pretty excited to see his dad up in the window!
Ron and I have both started new hobbies. I have been sewing and knitting, and he's been doing more woodworking. He's taking a class once a week up in Portland, and our garage is getting an overhaul to fit his tools and make a new work area. We get to reap the benefits of both our hobbies, as you can see from the pictures Max loves the ride on toy that Ron made for Christmas, and he;s got some new clothes from me. Below is a great picture of the toy Ron made. And the banana pants are my creation.
Grandpa and Grandma Brooks have been coming over to play and babysit more often. It's great, and Max loves having them so close! Here's grandpa taking him out for a ride in a mini wagon. That's the poncho that I started knitting months ago... finally done!
And lastly, as some of you have been the recipients of these gifts, you might already know. I have been sewing kids capes, and they are pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself! I have been selling them, so far mostly to MDC mamas up here, but I am considering selling them online soon. Of course I have to use Max as a model.

Putting on his best superhero face...

And for the girls...

More pictures here on a page I quickly put together to let people pick fabrics.

Rons parents came up this weekend to celebrate Rons birthday. We went to OMSI, and had a great time! Max just loves his grandparents so much, as soon as he saw grandma Cindy his arms went out to her. And half the time he just wants her to pick him up so she'll take him to see grandpa Sam!

Max is totally walking now. His first steps were on Monday, and by Wednesday he'd walk across the room. Now he trucks around all over the place! We'll post another video soon.


kyouell said...

The Biscuit got his cape yesterday. We love it (although he was a little confused by why it was following him around)! I tried to do a little photo shoot today so I could send you a pic, but I think I need to try some more tonight now that Matt is home.

Breana said...

I LOVE the finished poncho, and, of course, your capes!!! You are really talented, Ellie.