Monday, January 08, 2007

Chasing Max

Max loves to be chased. If someone is walking behind us he'll turn and start to laugh because he thinks they will chase him. Even the people helping us out to the car with the groceries! He isn't really into the catching him part, just the chase.


kyouell said...

That was sweet! We have got to get a video camera.

The Biscuit loves the I'm Gonna Getcha game too, but likes the catching part. I think I started it after seeing the Laurie Berkner video (I think the song is called "I'm Gonna Get You") on Jack's Big Music Show. Sometimes he'll scoot away a bit but he always stops to get caught.

K said...

very cute!!

Breana said...

Gosh, could he BE any CUTER???!!!

Kylin says "I thought it was really really silly how when you chased him, he, ummm, his mouth opened, and what was he doing when you were chasing him?? That's what I want to say...that's all."