Tuesday, October 31, 2006


We've been busy, but hope to post some videos soon! Today is Halloween- Max is going to wear a Jack-Jack costume (from The Incredibles) cause he looks just like him with his little spike of hair. Breana and family are coming over tonight, so I'm sure we'll have a great time with lots of pictures to share.

I have been sewing like a champ ever since we returned from California. While there, my Aunt Barbara gave me some lessons and I made him a cute sushi outfit. Since then I have borrowed my moms serger and taken a class on sewing my own diapers. I've made some pretty good ones! Now that we are washing our own I get to play with some fun designs instead of the boring (and tedious) diaper service prefolds. I have made several of them into fitted diapers so I don't have to fold anything. I've also made some pocket diapers that are like fuzzi bunz, and some fleece pants, which repel water and work like a cover. Mom and Dad (Cindy and Sam) also got us two FABULOUS snap-ez all-in-ones . These are nice- no covers, just the one diaper (hence the name... all-in-one) so you just pop them on as easily as a disposable. They are great to have in the diaper bag and not have to struggle with snapping, stuffing, wrapping, etc. a regular cloth diaper. Anyhow, enough about diapers!

Ron has been working with the shopsmith that his parents recently passed on to him. He made a beautiful planter box to cover the frame for the window AC when we remove it for the winter. Pictures of both out recent projects coming soon!

Here are some recent pictures of Max

Sushi pants and shirt I made for Max

On our trip to the pumpkin patch

Eating bananas

Naked time!

Playing with Kaden and Kylin

We've sure been having a lot of fun with him! He is very mobile and loves to explore. He's really easy going, loves people, and laughs easily.

Happy Halloween!

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kyouell said...

Heehee! Why is it that the 2nd thing I noticed in the last photo is that the captioning is turned on the TV? Of course, the firt is the cuteness of the kids!