Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Breastfeeding Icon

Mothering Magazine had a call out to design an international symbol for breastfeeding. This would be similar to the wheelchair symbol for accessability, or the women and men seen on a bathroom door. It would be for places where they have a mothers lounge, like an airport. You often see a picture of a bottle on these places, but since breastfeeding is the normal and healthiest way to feed our babies, shouldn't the symbol on these lounges reflect that? It feels like bottles are overwhelmingly present in our American society- at baby showers, on wrapping paper, with dolls...many kids think that this is the only way to feed a baby! But I digress...

The idea of having an icon is great. Many of the designs are perfect. You can click the link below to view the 12 finalists and vote for your favorite. The rejects are also posted and many are beautiful or funny... worth a look! I liked number 7 the best (above) because it is more clear that the baby is nursing as opposed to just being held, but it might be too stylized for an airport, etc. 8 is my second pick. What do you think?

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kyouell said...

I voted 2 days ago and I think I voted for #4 (preggie brain strikes again). I thought it was important that the woman clearly be sitting down and it was the least weird of the sitting down ones. What's up with the white dot of a boob on #3??? I found out about it thru which used to be Very Mom.