Sunday, July 02, 2006

Our Little Lactivist

On Saturday there was a "Nurse-In" at Victoria's Secret stores all across the US. A few weeks back VS told two separate women in two entirely different states that they could not nurse in their changing rooms or the store. They were told it was unsanitary, and told to use the mall bathroom. They compared it to changing a diaper on the store floor. Here is an article that was written in the Oregonian about the location Max and I went to.

It may sound like a petty complaint, however all too often women are made to feel uncomfortable when feeding their babies. I mean, yes, breasts are sensual, but aren't they also practical? It should be no big deal to see a woman feeding her child anywhere! New moms often have enough challenges with breastfeeding- they don't need to be made to feel uncomfortable on top of things. Some moms even choose not to breastfeed because they are worried about feeding their baby in public! Given the fact that feeding a baby artificial milk can result in more allergies, colds... even lower IQ and higher risk of breast cancer in mom, we should be doing everything possible to make breastfeeding easy for new moms. Hopefully with more educating the public, and more and more mammas happily nursing their babies when and wherever necessary, it will become just a normal sight. I mean, really. You see more cleavage on teenagers walking around the mall than you do on those of us nursing there!


kyouell said...

Yay, Ellie (and Max)! I couldn't find one happening in Sac and frankly, I don't have the energy to be the organizer. I'm glad to see you got to go tho!

Mom Ammi said...

You go girl! I am sooo proud of you and your friends! Max will have a lot to say in his paper on "What i did on my summer vacation"