Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beach Weekend

We planned on going camping up north last weekend with Dave, Chaos, and Fiona, but with the weather expected to be 105 - 110, we made a change of plans. On Friday my parents were amazingly willing to drive Max and I to the coast to try and get a camping spot on the beach instead. The no-reservation sites are really competitive, people get there very early in the morning to try and catch a camper leaving so we wanted to get there as early as possible. After he was done with work around noon, Ron drove over to meet us (we were pretty optimistic about getting a spot). By that time we knew that we didn't have any chance of getting a spot, so we finally gave up and drove back home. It was a lot of driving, but Max did remarkably well and slept almos tthe whole drive there and back. The traffic wasnt bad, and it was a beautiful drive.

Chaos, Dave, Fiona, and their dog Jezabel all drove down from Seattle to our place and stayed here for the weekend. Since it was supposed to be in the hundreds here and we dont have AC, on Saturday morning we slathered the babes with sunscreen (and neglected to cover ourselves, resulting in some bad sunburns all around) and went back out to the coast and hung out for the day at Cannon Beach. We had a great time!

Fiona (8 months old and full of smiles) and Max hanging out in the morning... they are almost the same size!

At the beach...

And just for fun, this was taken last week after crazily brushing Max's hair to get rid of the last of the cradle cap. What a cutie!

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Kathie Sever said...

man he looks so much like his mommy did when she was a baby!!