Friday, June 23, 2006

Tummy Time Pays Off

Today Max rolled over for the first time! From his tummy to his back. He's only just started lifting his head up high when on his belly, so I wasn't expecting the roll anytime soon. So we were having some tummy time, and he did it! The first time I thought it was a fluke, so I put him back on his stomach and he did it a second time. Then I called Ron and he did it a third time. Finally, I realized, "D'oh! These are the things we bought the cam corder for!" So we got it on tape. Click here to see a video of Max rolling over, followed by his latest thing- blowing raspberries through his lips. He does it when he's upset or tired... sure beats the screaming he was doing last week! And it's pretty cute so we kept the camera rolling.

Yesterday it was so beautiful out that we set up a blanket out front and I planted some flowers in the yard while Max hung out.

Then my mom and dad dropped by for a visit.

Max was pretty pooped when we got back from our outings today!

So was I.

Here's the link again to see the video of Max!

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