Monday, June 12, 2006

Recent Happenings

The last couple weeks have been busy! Just when I think things are settling down, they pick right back up again.

I hesitate to post about this because it seems TMI, but since I have had several people tell me that they appreciate the honesty in my posts about the birth, breastfeeding challenges, etc. I have decided to be candid about this as well. Last week we decided to start jogging. I bought a jogging stroller and set out with Max around the neighborhood. I really only jogged for about 2 minutes and just walked the rest. When I got home I took a shower and while washing I noticed that something wasn't quite right. OK, to be honest, something was bulging out of me where it shouldn't have been. I was pretty panicked and came down to tell Ron, and he did some investigating online. It turns out I have uterine prolapse. This means that my pelvic wall is weak, and my uterus and bladder have fallen down from their regular places and are pushing against the vaginal wall, causing a bulge at the vaginal opening. It is fairly common and often happens during pregnancy and childbirth. Many women don't know it has happened, cause it doesn't hurt, you only notice it if you feel it. It is made worse by things like jumping up and down, or in my case... jogging. I went into the doctor, she gave me some herbs and refered me to a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. So, I start PT for my pelvis next week! Actually, it will only be a few visits, they will do things like teach me ways of strengthening the pelvic floor to get the muscles to tighten again. Mine so far is pretty minor. If it was worse, there is an outpatient surgery they can to to "tape" the organs back where they belong, allowing the muscles to strengthen faster. I think this is something that I will always have to be aware of- no jogging for me! But it apparently isn't as bad as it sounds. It won't impact future pregnancies or births. Apparently some people completely ignore it and it can get better. I'm looking forward to meeting with the PT and learning more about it.

It's all fine now, and know that I know it's not a catastrophic thing, I feel ok. But I have to admit that when it happened, I was pretty bummed out. I have JUST started feeling like I have my body back! The hematoma is virtually gone, we just got over the last bout of thrush, and breastfeeding is going great. I was all excited to excercise, specifically to jog because it would give me a good cardio workout, and it is something that I could do with both Ron and Max. I was feeling ready to workout and try to shed some more pounds, and hopefully feel better about my body and wham, here's a setback- a crazy wierd thing that made me feel like my body isn't my own. I told Ron that I was just starting to feel like being a woman again, not only a mom, then wham... crazy stuff happens. I feel better now after realizing that my organs aren't falling out of me, it just means going back to the drawing board!

On a more positive note, recently Max and I went over to Breanas house and hung out with her, Kaden, and Kylin. Below are some fun pictures.

We spent all this weekend painting our living room, we are finally making this house our home, and getting to add a bit of our style to it. Then last night we went over to my parents house for a BBQ, we had a great time. Tomorrow night we are going to a vaccination seminar, Thursday night Breana, Rich, Kylin and Kaden are coming over to play a game or two, Friday night Ron and I are venturing out for a quick Happy Hour down the street while my parents babysit Max- it will be our first time away from him! I'm sure he'll be fine, and grandma and grandpa will love it, but wish us luck! Then this weekend Rons parents are coming in for Fathers' Day weekend. So it will be a very busy week for us!

This just in! Gramaw came to play today!

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Kathie Sever said...

wow he is getting so BIG!
child birth and parenting are so mysterious with the lessons they bring us- tangably losing control over one's body..... it's a strong metaphor, y'know? time for the kegals!!!