Sunday, April 23, 2006

Recent Visits

Max has been meeting a lot of new people lately! I thought I'd post some pictures of his new family and friends.

First, a few weeks ago my brother Larry came up to meet him. He's coming back today to spend the week with us while Ron is away on a business trip. We are excited about Uncle Larry coming, but will miss Ron a lot!
Max enjoying a few rays of sun... I can't remember why we had the burp cloth over his head... but it made a funny picture!

Great Gramaw has come over a few times to hang out with Max while I get some stuff done around the house. It is pretty wonderful listening to her sing to him ("My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean") and see him stare up at her face. I never thought we'd all live so close to each other to be able to share these "ordinary" everyday experiences. Max is truly lucky!

Then Aunt Cindy and Uncle David came by for a quick visit. They brought Max some nice gifts from the family, including a bag of hand me downs from the Houlihan cousins. Guess that is one nice thing about having another boy in the family! They also got Max a swing, which he really likes and allows me to unload the dishwasher- something I have a hard time doing with Max in the sling! I took some cute pictures of him in the sling, and one with Max and Aunt Cindy... but I lost them! Drat.

Then last weekend we went up to Seattle. First we visited with the Harkins family, good friends of mine (I used to nanny for Christine) and then went to Dave and Chaos' house to play a game and meet Fiona. Max nursed and fell asleep, then I just slung him around while we played the game. It was great to have a "normal" afternoon just hanging out with other adults and actually getting to play a game. We had to take photos of Fiona and Max- Max was hungry, and not too thrilled with "hanging out" posing for photos.Click here to see a video clip of their photo shoot!

THen it was off to Passover with the Blaker family. They were all so thrilled to meet Max, who is the first baby in... 14 years? Something like that- it's been awhile! He was on his best behavior and loved being held by all his new Aunties and Great-Grandma Blaker.

Sunday the Hunter side of the family came over for Easter Brunch. It was nice for Max to meet this side of the family. Before they came Max was getting a bit overly tired, but there was so much going on he didn't want to sleep. This results in a cranky baby. So I popped him in my fabulous Kangaroo Korner sling and helped vaccume the house. Before long Max was sound asleep and quite content! I love my slings.

Grandma Cindy insisted on taking an Easter picture, so much to Rons chagrin we propped him up and snapped a few photos. Clearly he's not a fan of posing for pictures! I didn't get any with my camera, but maybe someone else will pass one on for me to post.

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