Saturday, February 04, 2006


Here we are! We're trying to get a page set up before baby Purvis arrives so all our friends and family can keep up with photos and stories. We decided to start the blog early since we've had so many changes happening lately that we would like to share.

Today Rons mom, and two aunts threw a baby shower for us up in Seattle. It was wonderful to have friends and family all there to celebrate! I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked, hopefully I'll get more from otehr people and can add them soon.

Kirste, Me, and Fiona

Breana and I

Gramaw, Breana and Sara

Rons Grandpa Dick, my Mom (Sue), and Mom-in-Law (Cindy)

Fiona, Kirste and I

Sara and I


Chaos said...

Thanks for including the photos of Fiona, you and I, I loved seeing them. So, how do I subscribe to this thing so I know when it's updated?

Love to you, Ron and the baby.

Pam and Gardner said...

Hi Ron and Ellie - thanks for sending us your blog. It's been great fun reading it and hearing about your future. We are so anxious to see the newest member of our family. I'm sure Grandma Cindy will let us all know the moment he/she enters the world. Take care and don't do too much in the move Ellie. Love, Pam and Gardner