Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Truck Day 2008

Big Truck Day is possibly the second coolest event of the summer (next to the Oregon Country Fair, of course) for Max. It's a free event that takes place at a community center in Beaverton. They have every truck you can imagine, and the kids can climb into them, "drive", and honk the horns. There is everything from semi-trucks to street sweepers and school busses. Unfortunately it was 100 degrees this year, but we went early and max had a great time nonetheless.

Our first stop was the snow plow.
Max was unsure of the horn (they were loud!) but once he did pull the chain he got a great big grin on his face.
On the back of the snowplow was a sand distributor. Ron explained to Max how it works, and Max was just enthralled. The bulldozer was big! Ron and Max are making their Incredible Hulk fists.
The back of the ambulance

This tractor was one of Max's favorites. He loved the big tires.

Didn't I say they had EVERY truck?
We're looking forward to next year, and hopefully it won't be as hot!

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