Friday, November 17, 2006

First Word!

Max is 8 months old today... man, time flies!

This week is pretty momentous- he signed his first word! We have been signing several words with him over the last few months, but when he is eating in his high chair facing us he's a captive audience, so it's no surprise that "more" was his first sign! Now, his production is a bit off (haha) but the same thing happens with baby speech, right? They don't always pronounce words correctly at first (isn't that what makes it so cute?) but the important thing is that we know what they mean. So he's been signing "more" when he eats for about a week now. Then this morning I was playing with him turning him upside down and he spontaneously signed "more"without any prompting at all. It's pretty cool that he could figure out how to use it in a different context! Here's a video of our breakfast last week. He signs it several times, it is when he brings his hands together and grabs his thumb. It's fairly long (3 min, I think)

He also babbles a TON! Here are 2 cute videos of his babbling. It sounds like "blah blah blah"... No spoken words yet, although he babbles "mamamama" as much as I'd like to think he's saying Mama, I know he's not. I'm betting that "Dada" will be his first word cause he is just so in love with his dad!

In other news, We're all getting ready for Thanksgiving up in Bonney Lake (near Seattle) with Rons family. My parents and grandma are coming along, too. Should be fun! Grandma came over on Tuesday and I taught her about email. This is an 80+ year old lady who didn't even know hoe to use a mouse... and she did great! It will be fun for her to get family photos, etc when she checks her email at our house.

Max wants to walk really badly. He pulls himself up on everything, and will stand unassisted for a few seconds- it gets longer and longer everyday. He has 4 teeth, 2 top, 2 bottom and it looks like the next two on top are on their way. He chews on EVERYTHING these days.

My parents have been great at babysitting while I work once or twice a week. Usually just a few hours while Ron is upstairs working, or once in awhile while Ron and I get a date night. It is so great having them close, and Max loves them so much.

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Breana said...

What a great video of Max signing "more"!!! That's so fun to see him communicating. :-)
Have a wonderful thanksgiving, and a safe trip back and forth.

Mom and Dad Blaker said...

Ellie, I have tried to leave notes before and are never successful. Hope this one come's across.
We love Max's Holloween pictures and all his babling movies. Keep it up.

Love Mom and Dad Blaker

Chaos said...

Hey, I always read your updates as soon as they land in my mailbox. My comments would start sounding the same though - Cool! Cute! Precious! Of course now that Max is signing, I'm just jealous. I know its not a competition and I also know that we are not consistent enough with Fiona, but darn, I want her to start signing SOOOON. Love to all three of you, can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Tori from Yahoo said...

Ellie, don't stop posting about these things. I'm really enjoying reading about Max. Especially the stuff about him signing.