Friday, August 11, 2006

What's Up?

It has been a busy last few weeks... but then again, when isn't it busy???

We had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa Blaker a few weekends ago. They spoiled us rotten! Max has already ougrown his infant car seat so a trip to the baby store was in order. A car seat, excersaucer, and baby tent later, Max was one happy baby. Now keep in mind that Ron and I really didn't want a lot of toys for Max. No need for overstimulation with every plastic gizmo on the block, might cause him ADD! Maybe just a swing or bouncer to give us 10 minutes to cook dinner or something. Well, Max really hasn't liked any of the things we have bought, but we keep trying- looking for that elusive "time relief toy". We've now got a bouncer, swing, boppy gym, floor gym, and excersaucer. Ugh! We have all but one thing put away at a time, and he seems to like the toy that he hasn't seen in awhile best. He does really like the excersaucer although he has become obsessed with one toy on it and tries to teeth on it but can't get it into his mouth so he cries and cries. Then when we take him out of it, he still glances back at that blasted toy and will start to cry again. Poor little guy. I'll have to post a video clip of him playing in it.

Last weekend Max and I went to the Babywearing Conference to check out the gorgous slings and carriers at the exhibit hall and to take a workshop on breastfeeding while babywearing. There were some fabulous carriers for sale, it was so hard to restrain myself from buying another one. I know, I have 4 different carriers now, but I use them all differently! Slings are like shoes. I mean, you wouldn't wear the same pair of shoes to the beach, or a wedding, or hiking, right? Yeah, Ron didn't buy it either. The two biggest temptations for me were a Nori Babywearing Jacket and a Mei Tai Asian style carrier. These you wear on both shoulders, and can nurse in,too. Like my Ergo, but more stylish. They have some GORGOUS ones! But they are fairly expensive. When I got home later that evening I got a call that I won a raffle from Along for the Ride and won a beautiful velveteen Hotsling! Well, as thrilled as I was, I also knew that the other carrier that Along for the Ride specializes in are BabyHawk Mei Tais... just the ones I was looking at! So I asked Kristen, the owner, if it was possible to swap and get a Mei Tai instead. She said sure! They would even make one with custom fabric if I want! YIPPEE!!! So Ron and I each picked a fabric- one for each side of a reversable mei tai. I'll have to post some pictures when it arrives.

The breastfeeding while babywearing workshop was very helpful, too. One of the women leading it was Darien from ZoloWear. They are the ones who make the gorgous black silk brokade sling that I have. She is also a friend of my cousin Kathie, so it was fun to say "Hi" to her. She said her son was even wearing a Ramonster shirt that day! I got some tips on nursing Max upright in a sling, and also saw how to nurse in the Mei Tai. I tell ya, it makes life so much easier to be able to nurse while wearing your baby! And with a sling like the Zolowear one that has a tail, you can easily cover up if you want to.

I saw Breana,Rich and the kids there (DID YOU KNOW THEY ARE PREGNANT AGAIN??? YIPPEE AND CONGRATULATIONS!) -they were all going to be in the fashion show on Saturday night. I also met a few people from that I hadn't met in real life before. I wish I had really looked into some of the workshops they offered on Thursday and Friday because there were some pretty cool ones like how to make your own sling or mei tai where you actually made one there and left with a finished product. Or how best to carry a refluxy baby. That one would've been good!

We were pretty concerned about Max having bad reflux, but the most recent homeopathic remedy that his doctor gave us has really helped. His whole demeanor is much better! I also cut out even more foods from my diet- that has helped, too. So now I am not eating: dairy, eggs, wheat, nuts, tomato, soy, garlic, caffiene, carbonation... I think that's it. I will start adding things back in one at a time, but I am pretty sure that Dairy, Caffiene, Wheat, and Tomato will still be out for awhile. I'm getting used to eating rice and corn products!

But all is well here with us all. It is great having Ron working from home, althought I am sure he wishes he had other adults to interact with throughout the day. It is really nice to have him hang out for lunch, pop in to grab coffee, etc. and Max is so lucky to get to see both parents throughout the day. I have still been interpreting a few nights a week, and will hopefully start teaching parents how to sign with their babies pretty soon. More on that later! This month is busy with picnics and home projects. Next month we will be in California for a week or so... a week in Sacramento while Ron works out of Rocklin, and a weekend in Carmel for my cousin Brittany's wedding. We are looking forward to seeing friends and family then!


Tori M. said...

Ellie, I'm very intrigued with the baby signing. Been reading up on your blog all the time and love all the things you're doing with Max.

So when you arrive in California, will you be able to meet with the Yahoo crew?


kyouell said...

And will you also be able to meet with other baby-wearing, nursing, interpreter moms?!? We could meet at a Starbucks and enjoy a non-coffee beverage together. :-)

kyouell said...

Oops, just realized that I'm reading this late. Darn it.